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Happy EMS Week 2016!



Level II Trauma Activation reminders – Please communicate with the hospital if any of these findings exist:

Geriatric patients with head injury who are on platelet inhibitors or anticoagulants (including Aspirin)
who are > 65 years old WITH + L.O.C. and/or GCS < 13.

Motor vehicle crash – High Speed > 60 mph

MVA with significant car damage

Prolonged extrication >20 minutes

Adult Fall > 15 feet or 15 stairs

Thank you for choosing Crittenton as your transport destination for Cardiac, Stroke and Trauma! 11-23-2015

Crittenton was recently approved by the Oakland County Medical Control Authority as a Level III Trauma Center – Provisional Status. We look forward to treating your traumatized patients with the same level of excellence and efficiency as our established service lines.

Yesterday we hosted the Joint Commission representative for the Disease Specific Care Certification – Primary Stroke Program. I am pleased to announce that we were recertified for another (2) year cycle.

For 2015, our “Door to Needle” for Stroke patients arriving via EMS and receiving tPA is only 40.6 minutes. This time is one of the best in the region and continues to support the importance of efficient and well trained EMS providers working in true collaboration with emergency department physicians and staff.

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center has had over 245 trauma activations since we started our program July 01, 2014. We are proud to have added this service line and will continue to deliver the best care possible to patients in Rochester and the surrounding communities.

EMS volume was up 4.9% for 2014. Thank you to all our EMS crews and service providers for making Crittenton your transport destination for cardiac, stroke and trauma patients.

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center achieved an average EMS door to balloon time of only 37.4 minutes for 2014 and the average door to first EKG read of -16.7 minutes (this includes EKG transmission to physician interpretation) thanks to the outstanding work of all the local EMS providers.

Please click the following link to download the EMS provider mobile application. This app will provide an updated status of the hospital, physician names, operational messages, mapping, educational links and a number of additional functions specifically designed for the EMS provider. There is no cost to this extremely useful tool

Please use the password provided for your specific organization to complete the loading process:

  • Rochester Hills Fire Department = RHFD
  • Rochester Fire Department = RFD
  • Oakland Twp. Fire Department = OTFD
  • Addison Twp. Fire Department = ATFD
  • Oxford Fire Department = OFD
  • Alliance Mobile Health = AMH
  • Star EMS = SEMS
  • Shelby Twp. Fire Department = STFD
  • Washington Twp. Fire Department = WTFD
  • Bruce Romeo Fire Department = BRFD
  • Auburn Hills Fire Department = AHFD

When assessing a potential stroke patient, please obtain a blood sugar and a 12 lead ECG and immediately transmit the document as well as perform a thorough Cincinnati Stoke Scale which assesses for arm drift, altered speech, and facial asymmetry. After the last known well time has also been obtained, convey all these important points to the emergency department so they can prepare for your arrival.

The exact weight of a potential stroke patient is of utmost importance. Please follow the posted steps when operating the scale and re-weigh your stretcher after the patient has been transferred with ALL equipment and linens that were on the cot. Then, provide the EXACT weight to the healthcare provider once obtained. Assistance by a hospital staff member is required and should be requested when operating any piece of hospital equipment or moving within the facility.

When treating high priority cardiac patients, please be mindful to start any IV therapy on the LEFT side of the patient. This helps to facilitate the process within the cath lab and is best practice regarding patient outcomes. Thanks for your support!

The ambulance entrance is now secured and must have the code entered on the keypad to the left of the entrance. Please refer to the EMS mobile application for this information.

All 12 leads which are transmitted to Crittenton are required to have the patients first and last name as well as a date of birth (2 patient identifiers). This allows the emergency department the ability to reconcile the ECG to the correct patient and makes for a better continuity of care.