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Emergency Services – It’s all about the patients

No one looks forward to an urgent trip to the hospital. But when you visit the Emergency Services Department at Crittenton Hospital, the staff will make sure your visit is as comfortable and efficient as possible. And, you can count on getting quality care backed by state-of-the-art technology. “We know most people come for emergency services feeling scared and upset, so we do our best to make every patient feel safe,” says Paula Palazzolo, RN, Director of Critical Care and Emergency Services.

One way to measure the staff’s commitment to excellence is through patient satisfaction scores. And over the past year, Crittenton’s scores have held at 85 percent.

Crittenton Emergency Services Scores

Palazzolo attributes the Emergency Services’ high scores in part to the staff’s focus on patients and their families. “Our goal is to treat each patient like a member of our own family,” she says. Emergency Services nurses, technicians, and doctors go out of their way to address each patient’s individual needs, as well as the needs of their relatives.

The staff also calls certain patients a few days after their visit to check in, answer questions, and see how they are feeling. While on the phone, they make sure patients have made appointments for any follow-up care they need. Palazzolo says people really appreciate this extra service.

“We’ve built a really positive culture within the department,” says Palazzolo. “Everyone works together as a team—from the doctors and nurses, to the technicians and paramedics—and it shows.”

At Crittenton, your care matters most and our Emergency Services team is ready when need us most. Crittenton is the only hospital in the immediate area that is accredited as both a Primary Stroke and Chest Pain Center.

Do you know when to go to the Emergency Room?


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