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Don’t Let Bugs Keep You Inside this Summer

Don’t Let Bugs Bites Keep You Inside

Beautiful summer weather can prompt families and children to spend more time outdoors barefooted or in bathing suits, shorts, and short sleeves. Picnics, barbeques, pool parties, and outdoor events are perfect ways to soak in the idyllic Oakland county weather and with a few precautions and tips, you can enjoy these activities without insect or bug bites or stings.

  1. Be prepared if you or a loved one have an allergy. For most people, stings or bites can be painful, but not overly harmful. But for a few percent of people who have developed allergies, a bite will require quick medical action. If you are allergic and are bitten or stung, administer any prescribed medication that your physician has given you and seek medical attention at a hospital emergency room immediately.
  2. Clean and ice stings or bites. If you are stung by a bee or wasp, check to see if the stinger is still present. If it is, use a hard object like a credit card and sweep it over the wound. This will help to remove the stinger. Pinching the skin around a wound can actually release more venom and should be avoided. In addition to icing the sting or bite, take a pain reliever or an antihistamine to help reduce irritation or swelling.
  3. Take precautions and be mindful of your environment. When you’re outside for picnics or barbeques, don’t leave beverages with sweeteners open. Yellow jackets or wasps can be attracted to it and will crawl inside. Keep foods covered outside and avoid going barefoot so you don’t accidentally step on a bee or wasp.

With a few extra steps, you can prevent bug bites and stings rather than avoid the summer fun. If you are allergic, be sure to carry your medication with you at all times. For more information about summer allergies, bug bites and reactions, you can talk to your primary care physician. Don’t have one? We can help match you with a doctor that fits your needs.

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