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Don’t Forget these Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween CandyOctober is one of the best months of the year. Fall smells fill the air, trees transform to an array of colors, and there are endless amounts of activities for you and your loved ones. Our favorites are apple picking, carving pumpkins and of course, trick-or-treating! Chances are your young ones are just full of costume ideas! Before tricks or treats are passed out, we suggest you keep these Halloween Safety tips in mind.

When picking out a costume:

  • Skip the masks – Though theatrical, masks are often loose and obstruct children’s vision. If this accessory is a must, try painting one on instead. Be sure to use kid-friendly, washable paint.
  • Stick with bright colors – Costumes that incorporate bright colors are easier to spot by cars or other pedestrians. If you are trick–or–treating at night, try sticking reflective tape to the costume for extra precaution.
  • Watch the material – No matter what kind of costume, make sure it is made of flame–resistant material. Also check the sizing to be sure layers can fit under the costume.

Having the right costume is only part of the equation for Halloween fun!

Here are some street smart Halloween safety tips:

  1. Respect your cities trick-or-treating hours! Don’t know what they are? Check out a list of all the nearby city times from Oakland County Mom’s.
  2. Pre-plan your trick-or-treating route. Chances are your children are going to be ready to run wild, but this will help you keep them by your side!
  3. Mind the streets. Carry a flashlight and spend some time before explaining pedestrian rules and how to be mindful of cars.
  4. Check your child’s candy first. Before surrendering their goods over, do a check of the treats. Are they all in their original wrapping? Remove any homemade treats and through away anything that looks like it may have been tampered.

We have all heard the song: “Trick-or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat” but this year think about giving them something good and healthy to eat! The majority of houses will be handing out candy, so why not hand out a healthy alternative? Granola bars, pretzels, or dried fruit are great options!
Preventing your child from eating a little too much candy is probably unrealistic, but keeping them safe is not. Be sure to keep our Halloween safety tips in mind. From everyone here at Crittenton Hospital, we wish you a healthy, safe and most importantly, fun Halloween!

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