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Do You Know How to Read Food Labels?

When was the last time you read the food labels on any of your household favorites? Could you recognize or even pronounce your foods’ ingredients? Or perhaps you realized the advertised “100 calorie snack” was actually 400 calories if you ate the whole thing. These mysterious food labels can often be confusing on purpose! Learning how to read food labels helps you more accurately judge the quality and quantity of food you eat on a regular basis.

Your Food Label Cheat-Sheet:

  • Check the serving size. This is located at the top of the food label and tells you how big the serving size is and also how many servings are in the container. Don’t guess based on the size of the box!
  • Pay attention to calories. Below the serving size is the calorie count per serving size. It is important to check both the serving size and the calorie count to get an accurate idea of what you should or shouldn’t be eating.
  • Look out for letters. When checking your label, try to keep the numbers for fat, cholesterol and sodium to a minimum. Focus instead on getting enough nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, D and Calcium and others that are important to your daily diet.

Still Curious?

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