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Discover New Life with Weight Loss Surgery

Types of Bariatric SurgeryIf you are struggling with weight loss concerns, then you know how frustrating this journey can be. Fad diets and unhealthy exercise routines do not work. Instead, you may need a board certified physician and an accredited hospital. It may be time to explore bariatric, commonly known as weight loss, surgery.

Are you ready for Bariatric Surgery:

  1. Are you over 100lbs or more overweight?  Bariatric Surgery is a weight loss tactic for people who are obsess and 100lbs overweight or more. This surgery removes part of your stomach, restricting calorie intake and facilitating long-term weight loss.
  2.  Are you willing to make changes in your day-to-day lifestyle to support your health? After the surgery, patients will have to eat a balanced meal with healthy portion control. Proper nutrition will be very important for the success of the surgery as will be incorporating a consistent work-out schedule will also be important. These lifestyle changes will help you ensure your weight stays off for life.
  3.  Have you tried to lose weight from traditional dieting and exercise? Many bariatric surgery patients have tried for years to lose weight through traditional methods and found no success. With small lifestyle adjustments and bariatric surgery, they were able to lose the weight they couldn’t in the past.

Where traditional methods have failed you, rely on the life-changing expertise of Crittenton’s Bariatric physicians. Crittenton is an accredited Bariatric Center, complete with registered dieticians, exercise therapists, and a team of medical staff that are always on your side. Learn more about Crittenton’s Bariatric Surgery Center and discover your new life with weight loss surgery.

Not sure if you qualify still? Check out are Crittenton’s frequently asked questions.

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