Specialists in Rehab, P.C. commit $30,000 to the Tower Project

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians Brian Roth, Craig Hysni, and Steven Arbit are making a difference, and not just for the rehabilitation patients they serve.  As partners of their practice, Specialists in Rehabilitation Medicine, P.C., the three physicians made a strong commitment to support the Cornerstone Campaign by making personal donations to the Crittenton Foundation each year.  Inspired by their patients, Drs. Roth, Hysni and Arbit have pledged a gift totaling $30,000 to help make the Tower Project a reality.

For many patients, rehabilitation marks the beginning of their journey back to a healthy, full life.  Together with their team of physicians including Krisztina Mishack and Christopher Schoenherr, and nurse practitioners Anne Smith and Lori Broecker, the group treats thousands of patients each year.  From providing medical care for pinched nerves and sports injuries to teaching stroke victims to walk again, the practice changes lives. Dr. Brian Roth, the Crittenton Inpatient RehabCentre Medical Director, says: “Helping our patients means going beyond the Crittenton Inpatient RehabCentre to ensure Crittenton Hospital Medical Center is able to care for everyone who needs help.  The Tower is part of making our whole community a healthier place.”

 Crittenton’s South Tower, scheduled to open in January 2014, will feature 87 private rooms, which will reduce the risk of infection, increase privacy and provide patients more opportunities to rest.  An ideal healing environment often means patients can return to their lives more quickly, and the physicians are excited to be a part of this process improvement.

 For Specialists in Rehabilitation Medicine, P.C., helping patients reach their functional potential lost through illness, injury or disabling conditions is what they do. If they cannot add years to life, they want to add life to years.  Dr. Brian Roth sums up the group’s approach to both medicine and philanthropy: “Caring is a team effort with physicians, staff, patients and Crittenton working together.  When we support each other, we all win.”