Rochester College Nursing Students Gain Experience With Clinicals At Crittenton

Crittenton Foundation _JoesinaBeing a nursing student is no easy task. At Rochester College, not only are classes demanding, but nursing students also gain experience working with and observing the staff at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center.

Joesina Manalel, a Rochester College nursing student in her junior year says, “Being a nursing student is challenging but working with Crittenton has been a great experience.”

 On days she works at Crittenton, Joesina’s day starts at 5:30 a.m. She arrives at the hospital before the sun comes up to start learning in her clinicals. “There are no two days that are the same at clinicals; every day is unpredictable,” said Joesina. “I might be able to carry out a procedure that I have never done before, I may come across an illness I have never seen before, I may care for a patient that I was able to make a great impact on or all of the above.” This unpredictable nature helps transform students into full-time nurses as they learn how to deal with different diseases, patients and treatments, with help from the professional nurses at Crittenton.

 “The staff at Crittenton is one of the main reasons we are able to gain valuable experiences through clinicals. The most important factor is they trust us with their patients,” said Joesina. “They allow us to take responsibility of the patient and provide care for them.  This includes administering medications, including narcotics and injections and carrying out procedures with the supervision of our clinical instructor or the nurses.”

 It’s not just the nurses at Crittenton that help train the students- other healthcare professionals step in, and give a helping hand while encouraging collaboration among all members of the healthcare team. “One of the physicians I worked with showed me what a foot drop looked like and how to assess it. Nursing assistants taught us an easy way to put on ted-hose using a plastic bag. We are very thankful to have worked with the Crittenton staff and appreciate their instruction,” said Joesina.

 This past semester was Joesina’s first time working at Crittenton. “It was such an unbelievable experience to be part of the healthcare team. It was exciting to take action, such as choosing the proper pain medication or changing the dressing on a wound.” She has had the privilege of working with several different patients during her time at Crittenton, but one story specifically stands out. Joesina was working in the Rehabilitation Unit with two patients sharing a room. During her first shift,  the patients were laughing and joking. “There was not a minute that all of us were not smiling,” said Joesina. During the second shift, she noticed a change in one of the patient’s behavior. This individual suddenly became very lethargic and would not open her eyes or eat. After several different methods attempting to arouse her, Joesina, with some help from the staff at Crittenton, was able to bring her back to good spirits. “It was very rewarding to see how I was able to elevate the mood and progress of my patients. I feel as though I helped motivate them for their daily physical therapy routines, which is exactly what they needed to get better and go home quickly.”

 Joesina is very thankful for the opportunity to work along side the staff at Crittenton in partnership with Rochester College. “Clinicals at Crittenton enhanced my knowledge as a student nurse and allowed me to practice proper bedside manner, time management, prioritization and nursing skills. Being a nursing student has been very rewarding and I have gained so much knowledge that I have already applied to my personal and professional life.”

 RC’s Schoolof Nursing started with an RN-to-BSN program and expanded its offerings after the Michigan Board of Nursing approved its bachelor of science in nursing degree in June 2011. The nursing school accepted its first class into its three-year, 126-credit-hour program in September 2011. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. Crittenton Hospital partnered with Rochester College to help develop the School of Nursing, and help nursing students complete certain clinical components of their program at the hospital.

 “Our relationship with Crittenton Hospital Medical Center is very strong,” said Jaime Sinutko, Director of the School of Nursing at Rochester College. “We speak frequently with our clinical partners and support each others’ initiatives.”