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When Fate Steps In

Recovering from her knee surgery just days before, Michelle Oates made arrangements to visit Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire to ensure she was experiencing routine surgical pain and not something more serious.  Despite assurances that she would be fine on her own, … Read More >

Specialists in Rehab, P.C. commit $30,000 to the Tower Project

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians Brian Roth, Craig Hysni, and Steven Arbit are making a difference, and not just for the rehabilitation patients they serve.  As partners of their practice, Specialists in Rehabilitation Medicine, P.C., the three physicians made a … Read More >

Donation Makes Difference for Cardiac Patients

Crittenton Foundation donors Forest and Rosalyn Farmer will be recognized for their contribution to the Cornerstone Campaign within the Center for Cardiovascular Medicine, located in the hospital’s new South Tower. The Center will feature 29 private patient rooms with innovative … Read More >

Meet Brent

Brent Cole is a 35 year old business owner. He was fast asleep when he woke up and felt the left side of his body had gone numb. He thought it was how he was sleeping so he moved positions … Read More >

Passion Never Fades

Dave Hilty of Oxford, MI has had a passion for the art of glass blowing since he was 14 years old. His love for the art goes beyond the finished product – he is also fascinated by the process and … Read More >