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Crittenton Nurse Comforts a Tired Working Mom

I recently brought my daughter into the emergency department at Crittenton Hospital. She had severe abdominal pain off and on for four days. From the moment we walked in the doors, everyone was extremely professional and seem to have a genuine concern for her well being. There was no real wait time, they walked us back to the holding area and began the work up at 10:30 at night. I had been running around after a long day at work and was very tired myself, nevertheless a mothers job is never done.

After completing the instruction given by the tech, Nurse Barnes recognized that I was tired and asked if she could do anything to make the wait, and time go by a little easier. The Doctor then came in introduced herself and began examining my daughter explained that it would take several hours to get all the testing and results back to make a proper diagnosis. I stated I understood and thank the doctor for being forth coming on the amount of time that we would be spending in the ER Dept. I found this refreshing.  So often at other hospitals, patients are left in the room wondering how much longer.

As the testing began every step was explained with great details, Nurse Barnes pretty much stayed near by if I needed her. As I waited for the test results, I was 100% miserable sitting in the chair. I had been awake for 22 hours and was complete worn out. Nurse Barnes came into the holding area with an extra bed and a warm blanket for me. This was the best medicine for the soul at that time.

I can truly appreciate the continuity of care from A-Z. The special touches of kindness made the night a comfortable one or as comfortable as could be. The staff took all the uneasy feelings away with there professionalism and knowledge. Nurse Barnes’ watchful eye for a very tired working Mom made all the difference in the world. Thank you Crittenton Hospital ER Staff ‘YOU ROCK’

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