Meet Sarah

 Defining Moment - Sarah

My husband and I were very excited to become first time parents. At my initial prenatal exam my ob/gyn realized something was wrong. He immediately sent me for an ultrasound and set up an appointment with a maternal fetal specialist. The tests showed I had a mass growing on my right ovary. The mass was so large that my baby did not have enough room to grow. The next step was to meet with an oncologist who determined surgery was our only option. I was twelve weeks pregnant when I had a laparotomy to remove the mass. Terrified does not even begin to describe how my husband and I were feeling during this time. We were comforted by the amount of support we received from the doctors and hospital staff. The mass was successfully removed and was found to be benign. In the winter of 2005 our beautiful and healthy daughter was born at Crittenton.

Although we had moved out of the area when I became pregnant with our second child I continued to see my Crittenton ob/gyn. I often heard criticism about why I chose to drive an hour rather than deliver at a hospital that was only eight miles from my home. When I told my story people understood my decision. In the fall of 2010 we had our baby boy at Crittenton.

I continue to recommend Crittenton to friends and family. As we see it – Crittenton is a part of our family.

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