Meet Paul

 Defining Moments - Paul

My wife Amy and I were very excited one weekend last winter.  It was her birthday, and our son was staying overnight with his grandparents so that we could go out to a nice restaurant and the theater the next day for a matinee show. But the trouble started in the middle of the night when she woke up with a horrible pain in her lower back. We had an idea what was coming and packed some things before we headed to your emergency room nearby.

The staff kindly welcomed us and began to care for her right away.  Soon after the attentive doctors confirmed kidney stones were the problem and did everything they could to help her.  Amy was eventually discharged, and we went home to wait for it to pass.  Later on, we were surprised and very happy when the doctor called us later to check up on Amy and her condition.

The care and compassion extended to us was a nice surprise, and something we have not experienced with any other emergency room around town (and we have been to many of them).  So we want to thank Crittenton Hospital for the fantastic care we received while there, and for the extended attention even after we left. What could have been a terrible experience was certainly made better by the staff there.

Thank you.

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