Meet Elizabeth

As a Nurse at Crittenton Hospital, I have had many “Crittenton moments”.  This hospital has become more a part of my life in ways I could never have predicted when I was given the opportunity of a position on Labor and Delivery. I have had patients that have touched my life, who I will never forget. I have gained skills and knowledge I did not have when I came. The most incredible though is the relationships between the nurses on my unit. I could not have guessed that a group of once total strangers would become my dear friends, and such an intricate part of my daily life. In life I believe you have two families, you have the family you are born into, of which we have no choosing, your birth family if you will. Then you have the family network of people you choose to surround yourself with, I like to call these people my intentional family. The framework of my life has been forever changed by the people I come into contact with everyday at work.

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