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Crittenton Defining Moments

Kindness Defines Crittenton Team During Difficult Pregnancy and Delivery

I had a difficult pregnancy that culminated in an induction/C-section of my son at 36 weeks. It was a very scary experience and definitely not without its unpleasant moments!

However, one thing I can say with certainty is I could not have been treated better than by the Crittenton Birthplace during the birth and recovery and during the multitude of visits I had for testing leading up to the birth. From the food service department to the nursing department to the doctors, every person I came in to contact with made my stay as pleasant as possible. Never once was I treated with anything less than kindness.

I would not really want to repeat my difficult pregnancy, but I would definitely repeat my Crittenton experience and have told many friends who are expecting that Crittenton is a great place to give birth!

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