Meet Brent

Brent Cole - Stroke Survivor - Crittenton HospitalBrent Cole is a 35 year old business owner. He was fast asleep when he woke up and felt the left side of his body had gone numb. He thought it was how he was sleeping so he moved positions and waited to see if the numbness would subside. When he tried to move, he realized the situation was more serious. He was able to crawl on his right side and make it to the phone to dial 911. The operator had trouble understanding him due to the slurred speech. Fortunately the operator comprehended enough and sent an ambulance.

“When EMS personnel asked which hospital I’d like to be taken to, I told them Crittenton”, replied Cole.  EMS notified the Crittenton Emergency Department that Cole was being transported. When Cole arrived, he underwent several tests and evaluations. Mr. Cole was given the lifesaving medications and began regaining some movement and speech during the ensuing hours. Stroke patients often need help regaining the strength, coordination, and motor skills required to perform everyday activities. At Crittenton, stroke rehab starts in the ED. We are thankful to report that Mr. Cole returned home 2 days later and is back to performing regular activities.

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