Jason Tether’s Passes on a Tradition for Philanthropy

Tether Family

Jason Tether, an agency annuity specialist for Mass Mutal moved to Rochester with his young family 9 years ago. Soon after, Jason became involved with the Crittenton Foundation as a volunteer on the Planned Gifts Committee. Recognizing how important it is to have a growing and vibrant hospital in our community, the Tethers wanted to make a personal contribution that would have a powerful and lasting impact.

Jason and his wife, Lisa, made Crittenton Hospital Medical Center part of their long term giving plans by naming the Crittenton Foundation as a beneficiary in their life insurance policy. The couple ensured that the policy would first provide for their seven year old daughter, Paulina, if anything were to happen to them. But the Tethers also want to leave a legacy of philanthropy by teaching Paulina the importance of giving back. Together, the family makes annual donations to the Foundation, and actively looks for other ways to make a difference in their community. Jason says that his parents instilled a passion for philanthropy in him from an early age. Because of that, he’s eager to pass on a tradition of giving.

The Tether family’s story shows us that planned giving can be simple and meaningful. Philanthropy, or the love of mankind, gives everyone a chance to make a difference!