Michelle Sugg: Heroism Starts At Home

Heroism Starts At Home”Heroism starts at home.”  That is the reason Michelle Sugg, owner of Michelle’s Bio-Tech Linen Service makes the Crittenton Foundation her charity of choice.  “We have to be heroes for our own community if we want it to grow and be here for our children,” she said.

Michelle wears many hats when it comes to Crittenton: vendor, patient, volunteer and donor. Long before she opened her business laundering specialty medical linens, Michelle’s first experience with Crittenton was through the Emergency Department following a head-on collision with a drunk driver.  Michelle’s father directed the ambulance to Crittenton, saving her life and setting the stage for Michelle’s future as one of the hospital’s most committed and passionate supporters.

Michelle’s knee was crushed by the force of the accident and doctors determined she needed reconstructive surgery to walk again.  Though the surgery was successful in repairing most of the damage, Michelle faced a difficult recovery.  “I did not want to get out of bed.  I was in pain and overwhelmed at the thought of all the physical therapy.”  Dr. Maibauer, sensing Michelle was struggling, made a house call.  “He helped me off the couch and told me to get going.  I was amazed how much he cared about my recovery.  It was tough love and exactly what I needed to start moving forward.”

Dr. Maibauer’s example of caring matched went hand-in-hand with Michelle’s belief that her community is an extension of her own family.  “I give to Crittenton because I believe in my community, and Crittenton is a big part of that.  I have to have faith in my community so others do too,” said Michelle.  By supporting causes and people she believes in, Michelle and her husband, Jeff, hope to set a good example for their thirteen year old daughter, Bronwyn. “My parents showed me that a good life is about people, not things.  Crittenton is more than just a building, it is our neighbor.”

Recognizing that Crittenton relies on philanthropy, Michelle began giving corporate support to the Crittenton Foundation.  As Title Sponsor of the Golf, Tennis & Fun Run and Gourmet Gala fundraisers, Michelle has become a partner in building the hospital’s South Tower, opening in January 2014.  She believes by expanding, Crittenton will meet both the immediate and future needs of the community.  “Private rooms used to be for the rich and famous. Now, private rooms give all patients the chance to be a family while in the hospital; whether they are there for surgery, illness, birth or death. We owe it to each other to give our community their best chance at being healthy and living full lives.”


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