Chris de Steiger: Part of the Crittenton Family

Chris De Steiger

Crittenton has always been the hospital of choice for the de Steiger family. But for Chris de Steiger, giving back to Crittenton is more than a family tradition. “I am so grateful to have such a wonderful medical center right here in our community. I have always felt cared for in a personal way at Crittenton,” says Chris. She remembers vividly, one night specifically being in a tremendous amount of pain. Her husband, Peter insisted that they go to the Emergency Room. Once there and diagnosed, Chris was quickly admitted for surgery. “I remember feeling anxious but knew I was in good hands with the compassionate Crittenton staff, which was a great comfort,” Chris recalls.

When she woke after surgery, Chris found herself surrounded by colorfully painted images of animals! She was in a pediatric room where wall murals provided a welcome distraction for sick or injured children. “When I asked why I was in a pediatric room, my nurse shared with me some surprising news: all of the other floors were full. Although my room was certainly inviting, my experience showed me the hospital’s need for more space and more patient rooms,” explains Chris.

For generations the de Steiger family has been involved with volunteering and donating to Crittenton. “We give back because Crittenton has always been there for us. Whether it was a happy occasion, like the births of our children, or in a moment of need, like my emergency room experience, Crittenton was there,” says Chris. “I know how much our community needs our hospital and I am proud to be part of the Crittenton family.”