Crittenton Cares for Marvin


Just three days before Christmas, Mary Mbiya noticed her eight-year old son Marvin was experiencing intense abdominal pain. “I had a feeling it was his appendix when he started describing his symptoms,” said Mary. “I wanted to get him to Crittenton quickly.” They arrived in the Emergency Room where Dr. David Bauer, Chief of Emergency Medicine, diagnosed Marvin right away and scheduled an appendectomy for that same evening.

 “As a mother, it is difficult to see your child in pain, although Marvin was trying hard to stay brave. It was comforting to know he was in the capable hands of the skilled Crittenton physicians. Dr. Einas Joseph performed the surgery and really made Marvin comfortable with what was going on. She even tailored his bandage with a holiday greeting which made it extra special,” Mary recalled. Young Marvin recovered in the hospital overnight following surgery, and was home just in time for Christmas. During his stay, Marvin made good friends with his nurses and care givers. “They treated my son with such kindness and compassion; I was so touched by the special attention they gave him. In fact, when it was time to go home, Marvin didn’t want to leave!” He absolutely loved it and enjoyed the game room too. When he was unable to leave his room, they brought the play station to his room. “A week later, I was at a local restaurant having dinner. When Dr. Joseph saw me she came over and asked how Marvin was feeling, I could not believe she remembered his name …very impressive!”

 From the emergency room to the surgeons to the nursing staff, Crittenton was there for Marvin when he needed them. Even the smallest detail was not overlooked: after he returned home, Marvin realized he left his favorite game in the pediatric unit. His nurse called Mary to let her know it had been found. The third-grader is now back to his normal routine with school and activities, thanks to the life-saving operation performed at Crittenton. “I am not afraid to go to the hospital now,” said Marvin. “The doctors and nurses make you feel better when you are sick and hurting.”

Pediatric patients like Marvin need special consideration and care while in the hospital. Beyond the advanced technology and services, it is important to create an environment where children feel comfortable and can get better in. “Donors are making a difference in our pediatric department, ensuring care and comfort for our youngest patients,” says Cambi Hempstead, Director of Women’s and Children’s Services. Being sick or having a procedure can be a very scary experience for a child, but at Crittenton your family is our family. “If we spend an extra ten minutes helping a child understand what is happening, we put them at ease. It is important to us to take the time to get to know our patients and make them feel special,” says Cambi.

Mary, a local banking professional and active community volunteer, says Marvin’s care made her aware of how important Crittenton is for patients and families. “I really believe in the work Crittenton is doing and I want to help any way I can. As his mom, I am so thankful for those who have made a difference for my son, Marvin.”


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