A Giving List Inspires Library for Patients

The List FramedDiane is changing her life by helping others. Her journey started with this post on her blog…

On June 14th, I’ll be celebrating yet another birthday. Now, before you get all crazy scrambling to run to the mall to buy me a bunch of gifts … don’t. I’m not asking for birthday presents. I’m asking for suggestions of gifts I can give.

Together, Diane and her readers compiled a list of 71 ways to make a difference. She immediately thought of her friend when considering how to carry out the third item on her list: donate used books to a shelter, library or other charity. She donated her books to the Crittenton Foundation to establish a lending library for the Hospital’s Outpatient Clinic, where her friend experienced multiple rounds of chemotherapy. Diane was by her side throughout her friend’s battle with cancer, sitting with her during chemotherapy and keeping her spirits up by reading to her. “I saw first-hand how draining chemo can be and thought something as small as a book can be really meaningful,” said Diane. Her friend, whose cancer has been in remission for nearly three years, was moved by Diane’s donation to Crittenton.

She hopes to reach her goal of 365 ideas for helping others – one for each day until her next birthday in June 2013. She refers to her project as growing her karmic footprint. When it comes to philanthropy, Diane has already given us all big shoes to fill.