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Ascension Crittenton Tower Project

When deciding which company would build Ascension Crittenton’s new South Tower, Ascension Crittenton Board Members, nurses, and support staff were brought in for their input. This idea of everyone working together for the good of the project has been a theme throughout the construction process, resulting in a model, cost-saving concept.

A close relationship between the structural engineers and contractors helped reduce extra work and costs. The mechanical and electrical contractors actually worked together in the same space for more effective communication.

Incentives for members of the project team encouraged more cooperation and congeniality as well as less redesign and rework. The whole team helped with problem solving, rather than just a few individuals.


With 87 private rooms in the six-story structure, more patients will be able to move out of semiprivate rooms. Patients will also have easy access to staff,thanks to six satellite nursing stations on each floor. To keep noise to a minimum,enclosed collaborative care centers were created so staff can work together on treatment plans without disturbing patients.

Making the interior of the new tower visually pleasing will benefit both patients and visitors. An abundance of windows in the elevator lobby and registration areas fills the spaces with natural light, creating an open feel. And a garden-covered roof can be seen from inside the hospital.

It has taken a community to build a new resource for the community, one that we hope will be appreciated by generations to come.

  • 87 private patient rooms with Smart Technology – integrating to one IT system.
  • Innovative nursing stations for training and clinical instruction for nursing students.
  • A learning center for Wayne State University’s School of Medicine graduate residents.
  • A larger pharmacy with innovative technologies, such as a error-reducing bar code scan system for prescription medication.
  • A specialty floor for cardiac medicine.
  • A specialty floor for orthopaedicjoint and spine medicine; dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.
  • A specialty floor dedicated to Family and Primary Care Medicine, increasing access to preventative care to our community.
  • A Sanctuary area to promote caring for mind, body and spirit.
  • Space to expand practice and teaching of Relationship-Based Care models.
  • An environmentally friendly community hospital using energy efficient systems and recycled materials.

New technology helped the team work together. Building information modeling enabled the team to first design the building virtually, avoiding having to make structural changes, such as altering ceiling heights, once construction was under way. Having building specifications at their fingertips allowed foremen to take a tablet computer to the site and have a three-dimensional model to show to the crew.

  • Integrated Project Delivery, a collaborative, “mind meld” drawing the architect, builders and key subcontractors in from project’s inception.
  • Only $300 per square foot, significantly lower than area healthcare average which is closer to $500.
  • This fiscal responsibility demonstrates good stewardship to our donors and community.
  • Not sacrificing quality for cost, the tower will feature state-of-the-art patient care.
  • Building project has potential best practice endorsement by Governor Rick Snyder.

Although collaboration and innovation are certainly keeping costs down for the new Cornerstone South Tower, we need to raise additional funds for its completion. Most healthcare projects in our area cost about $500 per square foot. For the Crittenton Tower, it costs $300 per square foot, but every square matters. With your donation, you can help us grow as our community expands.

  • Every Square Matters: You can make a difference by donating just one square foot!
  • Community involvement allows everyone to “own” a square foot of the South Tower.
  • Each square foot donation is $300.
  • Donors will be featured on virtual square foot on the Foundation website and on signage at the Tower’s Grand Opening.
  • Communicating campaign through hospital publications, direct mail, eBlasts, social media and local businesses.