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Crittenton Sleep Center Serving Patients On-Site

Sleep CenterThe sleep center, recently moved from an off-site location into the hospital on the second floor, offers spacious and comfortable bedrooms with new queen-sized beds, power recliners and 400-count sheets.

“We have brand new state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment,” said Kelly Dean, Crittenton Director of Business Operations and registered sleep technologist. “We have beautifully appointed bedrooms offering all the comforts of home.”

Each bedroom also has a private restroom and shower, along with a flat-screen television and wireless Internet. Sleep center technicians look for sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorders, narcolepsy and more. “Sleep apnea is linked to many health risks,” she said.

Signs of a sleep disorder include:

  • Being told you snore
  • Stopping breathing or gasp for breath during your sleep
  • Awakening with morning headaches
  • Having trouble staying awake or alert throughout the day
  • Suffering from night sweats or experiencing sleep with frequent awakenings
  • Being overweight and/or having high blood pressure

“Sleep disorders lead to an increased risk of mental and physical health problems, including stroke, high blood pressure, and motor vehicle or industrial accidents. They affect our decision-making ability and can cause depression, irritability, and decreased productivity,” Dean said.

Dean said patients are invited to call the Crittenton Sleep Center for a consultation with a sleep specialist at (248) 652-5078 or bring in an order from their doctor to schedule a sleep study.


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