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Crittenton Provides Improved Cardiac Care through your Wrist

 Crittenton Cardiology DepartmentAt Crittenton, the cardiac care experts do amazing things. Like the innovative transradial procedure that allows our doctors to clear blocked arteries through the wrist instead of through the groin. It’s less invasive. It’s less traumatic. And it’s just one of the ways we help amazing people like you, get back to your best, amazingly fast.

Coronary interventions have become a more widespread, preferred solution for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Minimally invasive procedures, for numerous reasons, are a preferred alternative to surgery for many. Transradial access takes patient satisfaction to the forefront and offers coronary intervention with the potential of less pain, less bruising and less risk of vascular complications. “We have been expanding our use of transradial access for both diagnostic and interventional procedures to ensure better patient outcomes and comfort,” said Samer Y. Kazziha, MD, FACP, FACC, FSCAI, FCCP, FSVMB, and Executive Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services at Crittenton. “As a general rule, patients and referring physicians have preferred this procedure as it enables the patients to be mobile much faster and with less post-procedure pain. It’s better for patients and it’s better for our healthcare system.”

Who is a candidate? 
The biggest misconception regarding transradial access is that it should be used only for patients with difficult or failed femoral access. Actually every patient that has had both access approaches will strongly prefer the radial.

Transradial advantages:

  • fewer complications
  • better quality of life for the patient
  • reduced cost
  • same day discharge

Ideal candidates:

  • 90% of the population are suitable for such procedure
  • obese individuals who are at increased risk of complications from the transfemoral (groin) approach
  • those with severe peripheral vascular disease

Crittenton’s Shelton Heart Center, led by Executive Medical Director Dr. Samer Kazziha, was the first hospital in the area to embrace transradial techniques for the management of heart attack and is the leader in case volume.

For the best cardiac care, ask your doctor for a referral to a Crittenton physician or find a Crittenton doctor now.

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