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Crittenton Leads the Region in Heart Attack Care

Crittenton Leads the Region in Heart Attack CareCrittenton Hospital Medical Center continues to lead the region in Heart Attack Care. Patients who come to the emergency room, be it for cardiac reasons or other, experience outstanding outcomes at Crittenton. This is the result of our Accredited Chest Pain Center and the streamlined integration of the EMS agencies that transport to Crittenton and our team of emergency department medical staff.

There are two main types of paramedic level providers:

1. Municipal, fire based EMS service. These agencies provide firefighting services as well as highly trained and skilled paramedics who respond to and treat heart attack victims.

Fire based EMS Services:

2. Private providers. These agencies are contracted with municipalities to provide EMS when the fire department does not.

Private EMS Providers:

How does Crittenton have such success when treating heart attacks?

Most paramedics have had training on the correct interpretation of an EKG, which is provided as a free service to providers, and many of these agencies also have the ability to transmit the same EKG from the field directly to the Emergency Department physician at Crittenton. Once the document is received, communication with the cardiologist is established and the hospital then has time to prepare for the patients arrival.

This added time makes a big difference. The time it takes the Crittenton cardiac team to treat a heart attack is usually less than half of what is considered the national best practice standard. So, when you are having signs or symptoms of a heart attack, call 911 and know that our team of healthcare providers will give you the best chance for an outstanding outcome.

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