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Crittenton Launches Tumor Ablation Program

littrupelliscandid2Rochester- Crittenton Hospital Medical Center now has a new non-surgical weapon in the battle against cancer.

The Crittenton Tumor Ablation Program specializing in using this minimally invasive option for the thorough destruction of cancerous tumors in nearly any area of the body. Crittenton’s program is the most comprehensive, multi-organ ablation program in Michigan.

An outpatient procedure, ablation is similar to a needle biopsy but is performed under CT Scan and/or ultrasound guidance for tumor visualization. Tumor ablation can be performed either with heat or cold, optimally using microwave or cryotechnology.  Cryoblation can also be used to treat benign tumors, such as breast fibroadenomas, chest/abdominal wall desmoids, and endometriosis of the abdominal wall.

“Image-guided tumor ablation can treat many cancerous tumors as thoroughly as other treatment options with less pain, less risk, faster recovery time, and lower recurrence rates,” says Peter Littrup, M.D., Crittenton interventional radiologist and a globally recognized scientist in medical imaging. Dr. Littrup, who has conducted extensive research in the areas of cancer screening, ultrasound technology, biopsy guidance, and tumor ablation, leads the program.  He has over 100 publications and holds numerous patents for cryoablation technology and ultrasound tomography.

Cryoablation is less invasive than traditional, open surgery and because the treatment is focused on the tumor, it reduces harm to nearby healthy tissues. The treatment may also be used to treat tumors when surgery is not an option. It requires a shorter hospital stay and recovery time compared to traditional surgical procedures. In addition to treating breast cancer the technology is also used to treat others cancers such as lung, kidney, liver, certain ovarian cancers plus focal treatment of endometriosis. Dr. Littrup says tumor ablation can also be an option for high-risk patients such as those with obesity, poor heart/lung status, or those with one kidney.

For more information about the Crittenton Tumor Ablation Program, patients can 844-462-2462.