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Countdown to Crittenton South Tower Opening

Crittenton South Tower DecemberThe end of 2013 is quickly approaching. But, before we say goodbye to 2013, we want to take a moment to look over all the accomplishments of the past 12 months. One that Crittenton is most proud of is the construction of the South Tower. This three-year project is coming to a close and we are counting down to the grand opening! The Crittenton South Tower, opening in January, is one step toward building a better community, not just within Rochester Hills, but for our extended community as well.

What does this new facility mean for the community? With the addition of 87 private patient rooms on four of the building’s six floors, Crittenton will continue to provide that quality of care and compassion the community has come to trust to even more patients. With private rooms comes a safe environment, enhanced patient care, and a more comfortable stay at Crittenton.

What is so unique about the new South Tower? The Tower features the first ever collaborative, Integrated Delivery Project Healthcare strategy of this size. That means construction costs are at a record low, close to $200 per square foot less expensive than most healthcare projects. The innovations incorporated into the new patient rooms are centered on providing patients and their families with the most comfortable healing environment with the highest level of care.

How will this impact the services offered? State-of-the-art care will be standard for all patients at Crittenton. Both the Cardiology Unit and Spine and Joint Center will expand, providing better technology and more services.

With the countdown on, Crittenton would like to thank all those that have played a role in raising the South Tower. This is truly a collaborative and innovative project, but it’s not done yet! We have been blessed with support from over 2,000 community donations and federal grants, but we have not yet met our goal. If you can help in building a better community, all it takes is one square foot.

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