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Fall Sports Are Back in Session

The start of school can be an exciting beginning for student athletes. Young athletes often begin practice and even competitions or games before the first day of scheduled classes. Between daily studies and the added responsibility of their team, student … Read More >

Meet Our Nurse Manager, Kathleen VanPoppelen

Kathleen VanPoppelen, BSN, BA, RN, is Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s Nurse Manager Pre-Op, Post-Op, Endoscopy, OPC and PAT. That’s a lot of titles for one person whose original interest was a career in elementary education, not the medical field. Discovering … Read More >

Meet Our Staff

Meet Jackie Jones, Director of Cardiovascular Services

Jacqueline Jones knew cardiology was her calling since the start of her nursing career in a rural 2-bed cardiac intensive care unit. Today, she has numerous nursing accreditations to her name, including Master of Science in Nursing (MSN); Adult Nurse … Read More >

CHMC medical passport

Online Options Make It Simpler for Patients

Online services have become a staple for patients who want to manage their health in one convenient place. As patients prepare to come to the hospital for diagnostic tests, to give birth, or to have surgery, they are now able … Read More >

Summer food CHMC

Top Tips for a Safe Summer Season

For many people, summer is full of outdoor activities and events that make the most of sunny weather. However, long-awaited summer fun can have its own set of risks if you’re not prepared. Read our top tips below to learn … Read More >