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Types of Bariatric Surgery

Discover New Life with Weight Loss Surgery

If you are struggling with weight loss concerns, then you know how frustrating this journey can be. Fad diets and unhealthy exercise routines do not work. Instead, you may need a board certified physician and an accredited hospital. It may … Read More >

Crittenton Chief of Orthopaedics

Meet a Crittenton Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire has been making medical headlines lately thanks to the emergence of the Vanguard XP Knee System; the total knee replacement that he developed with Biomet and four other orthopaedic surgeons. But as Crittenton’s Chief of Orthopaedics and … Read More >

Stretching - Leg Lift

Improve Your Balance with 5 Moves

Improving your balance is an exercise that you can work daily and helps to build flexibility and strength too. As your body ages, you begin to lose your sense of balance, making the body more susceptible to falls or pulls. … Read More >

Preparing for Baby: Steps to Help Ensure a Healthy Baby

Use this preconception checklist to ensure you are taking steps to help ensure a healthy baby. Preparing your body for pregnancy will help ensure a nourishing pregnancy and healthy baby while lowering your risk of complications during this enjoyable time … Read More >

Quick Tips for Shoveling Snow

As temperatures drop and snow falls, before you step outside to shovel that snow keep these tips in mind: Shoveling Safety – Be kind to your back; push the snow as you shovel. Pick up smaller shovels full of snow. … Read More >