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Wellness Series

Healthy Habits for a New Year

If you are like most people, you may decide that January 1 is a perfect time to make a New Year’s resolution. A new year is a fresh start – an opportunity to stop smoking, lose weight, start exercising, or … Read More >

3 tips for back pain.

Three Ways to Help Back Pain

Did you know that close to 85% of people will suffer from back pain during their life? Orthopaedics or joint injuries and pain are quickly becoming leading causes for doctor office visits. If you are experiencing back pain, try our … Read More >

Q & A on Radiation Therapy

Q & A on Radiation Therapy with Elayne Arterbery, MD, radiation oncologist on staff at Crittenton  Q. What is radiation oncology? A. This cancer care specialty uses radiation to kill or damage cancer cells so they can’t grow or spread. Sometimes … Read More >

Keep the most important muscle in your body strong

  The heart is the most important muscle in your body and exercise will help make it stronger and pump more efficiently.  A benefit to adding exercise into your daily schedule is exercise’s help in controlling or reducing your risk … Read More >

Charitable Giving in Challenging Markets

By:  Howard L. Margolis, C.T.F.A.Managing Director – Wealth Management, CIG Corporation, Crittenton Foundation Planned Giving Committee Many people assume charitable giving simply involves giving money away, never to be seen again. But implementing a charitable giving program may actually help investors achieve … Read More >