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Medical Topics Explained

The Number One Killer of Women Isn’t What You Think It Is

Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease While many women think of breast cancer as the principal threat to their health, heart disease kills more women each year than all forms of cancer combined. “Heart disease” refers to … Read More >

Signs of Depression

Recognizing the Signs of Depression

While many people vow to take better care of their physical health, not enough people consider the effort to maintain their mental and emotional health too. Physical health goals are more easily identified, such as committing to a healthier meal … Read More >

Early Detection Can Make the Difference with Oral, Head and Neck Cancers

Nearly 90% of head and neck cancers occur from prolonged exposure to certain risk factors.  But according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, when found early, most cancers of the head and neck can be cured with few side effects.  … Read More >


What to Expect When You Go to the Emergency Room

Going to the emergency room is often a stressful and sometimes scary time for families. When you need emergent care, it can be a small relief to know that expert care is right in your neighborhood. The Emergency Services Department … Read More >


Common Questions about Menopause

The menopause and perimenopause years bring with them a time of transition and also a lot of questions. The symptoms, emotions, and process are different for almost every woman, but there are some common questions to which most women search … Read More >