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All About Women

All About Women: Breast Cancer Walk & Wellness Event

Women of all ages are invited out for an afternoon full of free cooking demonstrations, skin cancer screenings, health and wellness activities and more at Crittenton Hospitals 17th annual “All About Women Event”. Join us as we walk through Downtown Rochester … Read More >

Nicole Phillips

Meet Oncology Nurse Navigator, Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips never intended to work in the medical field. Her discomfort with needles and wounds seemed like obvious reasons to eliminate medicine as a career interest. It wasn’t until Phillips had two personal interactions with hospitals, and saw firsthand … Read More >


School-Year Illnesses: 5 to Watch For

While many kids dread the homework that comes when school starts again, parents tend to have a different worry: school-year illness! It’s no secret that germs spread like wildfire at school, though as kids get older, their stronger immune systems … Read More >


Fall Sports Are Back in Session

The start of school can be an exciting beginning for student athletes. Young athletes often begin practice and even competitions or games before the first day of scheduled classes. Between daily studies and the added responsibility of their team, student … Read More >

Meet Our Nurse Manager, Kathleen VanPoppelen

Kathleen VanPoppelen, BSN, BA, RN, is Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s Nurse Manager Pre-Op, Post-Op, Endoscopy, OPC and PAT. That’s a lot of titles for one person whose original interest was a career in elementary education, not the medical field. Discovering … Read More >