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Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Breastfeeding Tips for New MomsReturning home with your new baby is an exciting part of becoming a new mom. But it is common that you may experience a few bumps along the way. If breastfeeding does not come to you as naturally as you had expected, don’t feel discouraged. Breastfeeding may require some practice from both mom and baby before you both settle into a routine. Try these breastfeeding tips and the below resources before you reach for that bottle of formula.

Breastfeeding Tips:

  1. Try to be relaxed for each feeding. If things haven’t been going well before, try to approach each feeding calmly. Play soft music or drink some water while your baby is latching on to keep yourself from tensing up.
  2. Be sure your baby latches on correctly. The right latch can help the baby simulate sucking and defer soreness and damaged nipples for moms.  Your baby’s mouth should be open wide (like a yawn) and his or her chin should be deeper in the breast than the nose.
  3. Find a position that works best for you and your baby. The right positioning will help your baby latch on correctly and allow him or her to swallow successfully.  Your baby should be close to you with his or her belly facing you.  It is helpful to alternate positions in the beginning to distribute the baby’s suction.
  4. Get help early and do your research. There is an enormous amount of information out there regarding breastfeeding best practices and tips for those encountering problems.  Seeking the advice of a certified lactation consultant can help you through most concerns or problems.


Breastfeeding Resources:

If you are looking for fellowship or more personal guidance, try these resources at Crittenton Hospital for new moms and returning moms.

    • Breastfeeding Café – Wednesdays from 11:00am – 12:00pm in Crittenton’s Classroom 2E (in the North Building). This is a free resource where you can meet with a certified lactation consultant and other mothers who may be experiencing similar challenges.
    • Lactation Consultation – Our certified lactation consultant is available to assist mothers in the hospital, over the phone, or by appointment.  Please call 248-652-5919 for assistance or to schedule an appointment OR e-mail to lmulligan@crittenton.com.
    • Online Baby Care & Breastfeeding Class – This is an online resource that is available to you at any time. The easy-to-use website allows you to review the information at a time most convenient for you.
    • Breastfeeding Class – Taught by a registered nurse/lactation consultant, the class includes topics like positioning and latching on, breast care, pumping, returning to work, and more.

Find these classes and others that are available to you in our community calendar.

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