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Breast Cancer Awareness

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Crittenton is highlighting the CHMC resources available to our community members to help care for their breast health. Wherever you are in your journey, we are dedicated to promoting your wellness. Crittenton’s Center for Breast Health takes a comprehensive, personalized approach that is focused on providing timely care in a warm, patient-centered atmosphere.


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Community Resources at the Crittenton Center for Breast Health:

  1. A personal care coordinator. Your health advocate is trained to assist you in communications between you or your family and your doctors. They will also help you to understand your breast care plan, answer your questions, and provide ongoing education and support throughout your journey.
  2. Highly trained specialists and the latest technology. Providing the best breast health care involves a large team of interdisciplinary specialists. This includes your doctor, mammography technologists, fellowship-trained radiologists, and even surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive breast surgical procedures.  The best technology can include digital screenings and diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, and breast MRI to help our patients pursue their best outcomes.
  3. Genetic and High Risk Assessments. If you are identified as high-risk to develop breast cancer, your care coordinator is there working with you and the specialist to build a personalized care plan to manage your risks.
  4. Mammograms.  Today, mammograms are still one of the best screenings to identify early detection of cancer or other abnormalities in your breast tissue, often before you can feel a lump. At our center, we use the latest digital imaging in our mammograms.
  5. Breast education events. The Center for Breast Health continues to work closely with Crittenton’s Community Health and Education Department to provide events, screenings, lectures, and other educational material for our community to find support and resources about their breast health. This includes events like the upcoming All About Women Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk.

October is a great time to think about your breast health, but we are dedicated to providing the best possible care and well-being in women’s health for our patient community in all months of the year.  Come visit the Center for Breast Health at 2251 North Squirrel Road in Auburn Hills Michigan, or give us a call at (844)-462-2462.

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