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The Benefits of Volunteering at Crittenton

Nurses StationIs your New Year’s Resolution to start giving back more? If so, you are like thousands of Americans who look for charities, volunteer work, and other programs to donate time and money to as their good deed for the year. You may be surprised to learn some of the benefits of volunteering, such as a potential positive affect on your health.

Is volunteering at Crittenton just what the doctor ordered? It very well could be given the multiple health benefits it can produce.

  • An enriched sense of purpose in life
  • An improved mood
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower blood pressure levels

How do these four changes affect your health? Your body’s stress levels and your blood pressure can impact functions ranging from your immune system to your cardiovascular health. Other results, like a better sense of self or a more positive outlook on life can help with your feelings of life satisfaction, which has been linked to a longer life expectancy and lower levels of depression.

Looking to nab these great health benefits? Start with your passion and see to what benefit it can take your health this year. If you are an animal lover, look into foster options with local animal rescues or inquire at shelters for dog walking or cleaning volunteer positions. If you are passionate about medical care, volunteering with Crittenton is a wonderful way to pursue your passion. Are you unsure of where to look or begin your volunteer work? Start with Crittenton and see if our program is right for you.

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