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Back to School Physical Checklist

Crittenton - Back to School PhysicalsYour kids probably get excited to pick out new binders, fun markers, and of course cool new school clothes. You have scheduled classes, arranged transportation, and maybe even already planned out some healthy lunches. But don’t forget about your child’s annual physical.

The back-to-school physical is the time for your family doctor to see if your child is growing at a healthy and expected rate. They also check that no new health concerns have arisen in the past year and can administer any vaccines needed.

Children between the ages of pre-school through high school should have an annual physical, especially if they participate in sports or are physically active. Wellness checks help ensure that their bodies are ready for the exertion.

Physicals can include:

  • Checking reflexes, fine motor skills, height, weight and other typical recordings like blood pressure.
  • Medical History checks help your physician keep an eye for any patterns of chronic illness or disease that may run in your family.
  • Vision tests help ensure that your child can effectively see the chalkboard or projectors, even from the back of the classroom.
  • Dental exams or cleanings that should be done once or twice a year to keep teeth strong and healthy and avoid areas of decay from developing.
  • Vaccinations against pertussis (whooping cough), meningitis and other preventable diseases. Your pediatrician is a great person to talk to about what vaccines may be required by your school, and the can also help you stay informed and comfortable.

Your pediatrician or family doctor is the best person to talk to regarding any wellness concerns you may have about your child before returning to school. A wellness-checkup is a great way to know that your child is starting the school year physically and mentally ready for the new challenges. If you don’t have a permanent family doctor or pediatrician, use our guide to primary care physicians to get started.


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