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Ascension Michigan Television is your statewide resource for stories about the latest medical breakthroughs, advancements in technology and health and wellness news from the hospitals of Ascension Michigan.

Brad’s New Lease on Life Thanks to the Cyberknife

Just over 2 years ago, Brad Meyers of Kawkawlin had an uncertain future. One day, after months of not feeling well, Brad collapsed in his kitchen.

A brain scan uncovered a golf ball size cancerous tumor and 4 cancerous lesions in his brain. The team of experts at St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw treated Brad with a device known as Cyberknife. See how this precision radiation treatment device has helped to give Brad a bright future.

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Greg Kampe
Greg Kampe Treated at Ascension Crittenton for a Deadly Sepsis Infection

Oakland University basketball coach Greg Kampe has roamed the sidelines at OU for more than 30 years. But not long ago, his coaching career and his life almost ended. The coach had a potentially deadly infection. He is now sharing his story about how the medical team at Ascension Crittenton Hospital saved his life.

Deb Militeilo
Unique Running Program Helps Deb Complete the Boston Marathon

It was about 6 years ago when Deb Militeilo of Essexville become a serious runner. In 2014, she decided to put herself to the test and run the Boston Marathon. But her dream of running that race seemed to be gone when she suffered an injury during training. But Deb was able to live out her dream after being treated as part of unique running program at St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw.

Calcium Scoring Test
Calcium Scoring Test for Heart Disease

It’s a simple and easy way to detect heart disease before it’s too late. It’s called a coronary calcium scan. Watch as a Detroit area man undergoes the scan to see if he may be at increased risk for heart disease or a heart attack.

Genetic Testing Helps Diagnose Cancer
Genetic Testing Helps Diagnose Cancer

Not long ago Jacqueline Foster decided to undergo genetic testing to see if she carried the BRCA1 gene mutation, which has been linked to a dramatic increase in the risk of developing breast cancer. The results of that test helped her make an important decision about her health and provided vital information for her family.

Severe Heart Disease
Don has Been Battling Severe Heart Disease for Over 30 Years

To see the work Don Miller does every day on his property outside of Kalamazoo, you’d never know that he’s been battling severe heart disease for over 30 years. He’s had 3 heart attacks, 4 bypass surgeries, 13 heart stents and has an irregular heartbeat. See how caregivers at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo and Borgess Pipp Hospital in Plainwell have made it possible for Don to lead an active life.

Borgess Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic
Borgess Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic

8 year old Mason Anderson is on the road to recovery. Mason took a fall off the slide on the playground. After the fall he complained about pain in his elbow his mom brought him to the Borgess Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic. This clinic is the first of its kind southwest Michigan. It’s a fast and convenient way for patients like Mason, to see an orthopedic specialist after an injury.

Atrial Fibrillation Treatment
Unique Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation

Back in 2012, Joe Reyes was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (Afib). When medications and conventional treatments stopped working, Joe was treated with an innovative procedure at the Genesys Heart Institute. See how that treatment has changed his life.

Same Day Hip Replacement Surgery
Same Day Hip Replacement Surgery

Stephen Sanger of Clarkston had to give up his passion, golf, because the pain in his hip was too much. But after surgery at Ascension Crittenton Hospital Stephen is back on the course again. He is one of the first people in Michigan to have same day hip replacement surgery.

Paula Brown
From Hospice to a Healthy Life

Paula Brown was in hospice, slowly dying from heart failure. But everything changed once Paula became a patient at the Borgess Heart Failure Clinic.

Battling lung cancer
Robert is Winning his Battle with Lung Cancer

Robert Needham, a non-smoker, had his world turned upside down when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. See how Robert is winning his battle with cancer thanks to the team at the Borgess Lung Nodule Clinic.

Heart care
See How Heart Care Experts Saved Jeffrey’s Life

After weeks of ignoring symptoms of shortness of breath, Jeffrey Brown finally decided to come to the hospital. Tests showed that Jeffrey had severe coronary artery disease and his heart was failing. Watch this story to see how Dr. James Martin, and the heart care team at St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital saved Jeffrey’s life.

Ovarian Cancer
Teen Diagnosed with a Rare Form of Ovarian Cancer

Cassie Mastronardi was only 16 when she was diagnosis with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Despite that diagnosis, Cassie’s is looking forward to a bright future thanks to the cancer care team at St. John Hospital.

Videssa Blood Test Helps to Detect Breast Cancer
Videssa Blood Test Helps to Detect Breast Cancer

For women with dense breasts like Lisa Cook of Vassar, abnormal mammograms are the norm. But instead of waiting and worrying for until a follow up screening, Lisa underwent a unique blood test at St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw to improve the accuracy of early breast cancer detection.

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) Used to Treat Achalasia

Imagine having to worry about trying to keep your food down every time you ate. That’s how a St. Clair County man lived every day until doctors at St. John Hospital changed his life with a novel minimally invasive treatment.

Pipeline Embolization Device
Pipeline Embolization Device Used to Treat a Brain Aneurysm

After a serious car accident doctors uncovered a small aneurysm in Elizabeth Williamson’s brain. Watch how doctors Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo saved this Battle Creek woman’s life with a revolutionary minimally invasive technology known as the Pipeline Embolization Device.

Primary Care
Primary Care

Genesys Regional Medical Center primary care specialist, Dr. William Edgar, has been providing personalized care to his patients for more than 30 years. Learn why Dr. Edgar says that the evolution of care over the years has resulted in better care for patients.

Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Surgery

For years Angela Scholten of Kalamazoo fought a losing battle with obesity. But see how that all changed when Angela made the life altering decision to have bariatric surgery at Borgess Medical Center.

Minimally Invasive Stroke Treatment
Minimally Invasive Stroke Treatment

It was a Saturday morning and Ok-Pun Poling of Standish was having a stroke. She was rushed to St. Mary’s of Michigan in Saginaw. See how doctors there used a minimally invasive treatment to save her life.