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5 Tips for Parenting with a Purpose

Chick MormonRaising a responsible, caring, and confident child in today’s world is no small undertaking. Chick Moorman, Director of the Institute for Personal Power, has over 40 years of experience working with children and parents both in a classroom setting and in more targeted seminars and workshops.  He shares 5 commitments for parents to make when creating a family-focused parenting style.

  1. Commit to acknowledging that experiences can be messy. Doing so gives your children the opportunity to learn from the messes they make and also from the cleanup.
  2. Commit to building a culture of accountability for your family. By building a love-based culture of accountability your children will consistently learn the flow of consequences that stem from their actions.
  3. Commit to suspending judgment on your children. Though it can be tempting, do not make your children wrong because of their choices. While they should be held accountable, recognize their actions as appropriate or opportunities to develop rather than wrong.
  4. Commit to manage your mind first, then your actions. How parents approach a situation with their children can alter the outcome. As parents, we should strive to manage our mindset first, then our children.
  5. Commit to remain focused on the search for solutions. Attending to the problem is more important than blaming others. This commitment invests parent’s time in finding solutions, not blame.

Parenting is not an easy task, but setting simple commitments to adhere to can help keep your mindset focused on the positive growth you endeavor for your family, rather than the negatives of your experiences.

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