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3 Tips for Muscle Recovery

Tips for muscle recovery after a race

To support runners and walkers who will be participating in the 35th annual Crittenton Classic 5K or Fun Walk, we want to share our favorite three tips for muscle recovery.

Stretch out your muscles

It is normal to feel a little sore and tired after your race. Instead of heading for your couch, try to stay active after your race to help your muscle recovery. Walk around for 10-15 minutes after you cross the finish line. Stopping too soon after a race can encourage your legs to cramp or pool lactic acid.


After a tough race, refueling your body is critical for muscle recovery. But be picky about your post-race foods. Look for selections high in protein, carbohydrates, and some fats. After your race, grab a banana or bagel if your stomach can handle food. If it can’t, reach for a sports drink or chocolate milk.

Be proud of yourself

Regardless of the outcomes, take a moment after your race to be proud of your accomplishments. Even if this wasn’t your best run, keeping a positive mentality about your work will help you recover from your run.

Before starting an exercise program, be sure to speak to your doctor.

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