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10 Things to Do Now for a Healthier 2014

Happy New Year from Crittenton
The New Year comes with open possibilities about what is ahead. Use these 10 things to do now for a healthier 2014. Though it may feel rewarding to make a grandiose New Year’s resolution, sometimes it’s the smaller lifestyle changes that will have the greatest impact on your year.

10 things to do now for a healthier 2014:

  1. Stop snoozing your alarm clock. Yes, most of us are guilty of this but does that extra 10 minutes of sleep really help your morning? In most cases, it doesn’t. Instead, set a realistic alarm and make a habit of getting up when it goes off. Try placing your clock across the room from your bed to make yourself get up to turn it off or try giving yourself a goal of two weeks to stick to no-snoozing.
  2. Begin your day with a glass of water. It’s easy to get in the habit of jumping out of bed and rushing for the coffee maker. Even grabbing that big glass of OJ might not be as beneficial as you think. Instead, try starting with an 8 oz. glass of water. Water cleanses your system and gets you moving. Then, move on to your regular morning drink.
  3. Eat breakfast. We know it’s easy for the morning to quickly disappear before you have time for a bite, but in 2014 make time to eat breakfast. It kick-starts your metabolism.
  4. Watch the clock. Do you work at a computer? Watch the clock and make an effort to get up once an hour. Take a lap around the building. Go up and down your stairs once. Try some simple stretches by your desk. Getting up and moving around helps keep your blood flowing and your mind focused.
  5. Swap a snack. Are your kid’s potato chips sneaking their way into your work lunches? Once a week, swap out a salty or sugary snack for a piece of fruit or some veggies and hummus. If you prefer a soda or sugary beverage as your snack, try swapping it out for water.
  6. Go green. Is your home or cubicle lacking in vegetation? A green plant or brightly colored flower not only can help to improve your mood, but can help improve your indoor air quality as well.
  7. Take a deep breath. How often do you find yourself caught up in a negative emotion? It can be easy to tense up, hold on to stress, or feel emotional about a situation. Once a day, tell yourself to take a very deep breath and let those negative feelings go.
  8. Look up. Smell the roses. Enjoy the afternoon sky. You know the sayings. We all love internet surfing, watching TV, texting, working on our computers and more, but stop what you’re doing right now and look around you. Enjoy the moment.
  9. Shut down. A half an hour before bed, shut down your electronics. This can help you wind down for sleep and encourages a deeper slumber. Grab a magazine or book and decompress for 30 minutes before you hit the hay, sans electronics.
  10. Bedtime Yoga. Before you snuggle into bed, stretch out. A few light stretches can help you fall asleep faster and also encourage better rest.

Crittenton Hospital is here to make 2014 the year for a healthier you. Visit our community calendar for more information on stress-relieving Tai Chi, weight loss seminars, and others!

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